Frequently Asked Questions provides NBA lovers around the world with an alternative way to enjoy their favourite sport from the comfort of their PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablets. Our service is very affordable & professional.
We sure do! We have thousands of subscribers from all around the World that praise our service, just based on our ability to broadcast every NBA game without any interruptions! Our broadcasting partners for such games include; Sky sports, NBC, FOX, CBC Sports more!
For a sample of the video quality, we recommend that you visit our demo stream section and test our demo. We encourage all our users to play the sample clip, prior to registering.
Our service is avaiable world wide. So regardless of where you are, UAE, UK, United states, Canada or china for that matter. It will work anywhere. You just need to have good internet connection to stream our channels smoothly.
Yes, as well as desktop / laptop streaming you can watch the match on your smartphone. We provide a separate iOS stream which can be viewing through Safari Browser easily. No need to install an app! If you have an Android smartphone, our streams are compatible for that too.
No, As of now. Because our streams are automatically compatible for IOS/ANODRIOD. This means you can seamlessly watch live streams in all your favourite devices without the need for an app.
You can only access from one device at one time. You have to logout one place then login other place as well. If you attempt to watch from 2 places simultaneously. Your account will be immediately blocked. Multiple concurrent streams are strictly prohibited. We strongly discourage any attempts to share the streams among multiple users. Violation of this rule will result in the cancellation of your subscription with no refund.
No commitment. Cancel online at any time.
Yes, our streams are equipped with the latest technology such as- chrome cast enabled. So if you have a smart tv, you can simply connect using chrome cast and enjoy the stream directly to your TV.
We strongly recommend Google Chrome and Firefox. Anything else will may cause intermittent issues.
First off, make sure your upload/download speeds are strong and you’re on a good high-speed connection. You are required to have atleast 5Mbps to stream smoothly. Sometime by being on a shared WIFI or DSL, you can experience a lot of freezing/buffering when too many people are on the same network as you; and unfortunately, this isn’t something we can prevent. Secondly, be sure to use Google Chrome and not any other browser
honestly, we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with our service. But due to high volume of fraud activities (they watch the live video for next few hours/days then asking a refund) the refund for only members who are genuinely unable to watch the live streams from our URL. Therefore before you ask for a refund you need to contact us via support or email we will try few ways to solve your issue if we unable to provide a solution then we will refund (If you Contact US within 24 Hour Only)
No problem you can contact our support department by sending email at [email protected]
Yes, You can get comisson in reward, or free 1 month for every subscriber you refer.